Popular excellence, faith and way! PROSYNX Technology Inc is a technology innovation company in the field of virtual simulation, and the country finds high-tech software enterprise. PROSYNX is committed to the simulation and testing of the overall solution to provide and virtual test and intelligent R & D software engineering development, with goods and technology import and export qualification, more than 500 users, including many of the world's top 500 enterprises.

PROSYNX is a pioneer and solution provider of domestic virtual test and verification technology. Over the years, PROSYNX has been committed to the development of high-end technology in virtual environment testing and intelligent research and development. It has a complete independent intellectual property product system, first-class software development and Engineering services team and a wealth of experience in project implementation. PROSYNX has developed industry-leading engineering solutions and excellent technical support for users of defense, military manufacturing, high-tech R & D institutions, etc., thanks to several years of careful research and development and nearly 100 special system customization and innovative R & D platform projects. The

PROSYNX Value and vision

Professional products to help engineering research and development, in good faith to enhance the ability to innovate, to become China's manufacturing enterprises innovation and outstanding partners.